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Art by Susan Anschultz
Sculpture of Cape Lookout Lighthouse
This piece I did for myself

I'm Susan Anschultz of Spectrum Quarter Horses, Bradford, AR. I'm a God loving wife, mother, horse training, dog loving, chicken raising, artist and I'm just getting started. Sometimes I don't know when?/what? to do first! I have worked in most mediums but I've found I enjoy the sculpting the best.
I'm married to the world's most wonderful man, Kenny Anschultz. He has to be great he has me!  A wonderful and most intelligent son, Zach. He's very active in sports and church activities.
We have four breeding mares, one stallion and a yearling gelding I kept from last year's crop to raise and train for myself. Any extras include foals and a mare named Sunny I call my toy. I use her and a couple of the other mares to give riding lessons. We raise the foals to sell each year.
I have two Dachshunds side kicks, two small tan dogs and an Irish Setter. They protect the Bantham Chickens I raise which free roam on the farm.
You can see more about my farm and family at

Me & Manny riding on Cedar Island, NC.
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The Divine Intervention
This piece was sculpted for Velvet Ridge Church of God
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Art by Susan Anschultz
Bradford, AR